How to win at the casino using the Great Martingale Roulette

The big martingale is a tactic used by some players to win at the casino. It consists of playing games where you have a chance to win two by adapting the bets from one stroke to the next according to the previous result. 

This technique is also very easy to apply, roulette , in real casinos as on online casinos.

FAQ: How to win at the casino using the big roulette martingale?

If you have read our article on the great martingale , you know that this is an interesting technique to win at the casino games like roulette . Here is step by step how to apply this technique.

  • 1. Download and install the Tropez casino on your computer and create a real-time player account. Go through this link and carefully follow the instructions for downloading and installing the software.

  • 2. Make a deposit of money on your player account. Do not forget to claim the welcome bonus on the way to the support team.

  • 3. Go to the game “European Roulette” in individual player version.

  • 4. Choose the maximum betting range of 5 € -25 € which corresponds to the bet on the domestic bets (the individual numbers).

  • 5. Choose a color: red or black.

  • 6. Place the minimum bet on the chosen color box (€ 5).

  • 7. If successful, start again at step 6.

  • 8. In case of failure, double the previous bet and add 5 € on the box of the chosen color.

  • 9. Return to step 7.

Additional information

European roulette (or French or Monte Carlo) is more advantageous than American Roulette (or Las Vegas). The double zero (00) present on the latter is indeed an additional possibility of failure.

 It is better to get rid of it.
Casino Tropez offers a limit of € 500 bets on outside bets.
The great martingale can aim for a gain of € 5 per stroke played.